Valentyn Shybanov
+(48)664235158 olostan 1980/Aug/16
About myself

Started software engineering career with low-level system programming mostly on the start of the era of modern computers, my interest involved from programming calculators, drivers and simple games (Using ASM, C/C++) to developing complex enterprise-level cloud-based solutions (Java, .NET, Go, Containers). Now, with help of modern technologies, solutions and concepts, I am not just trying to bring any, even most courageous ideas into life, but also spread the light of all brilliant technology solutions I can find to all other developers.

Now focused on a combination of Web technologies (Angular, Dart, React) and Cloud Technologies (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon EC2, Azure).

Being a Google Developer Expert (Cloud and Web) I loved to participate in different conferences, give talks and organize workshops and hackathons. I am using my speaker's skills to encourage developers to try new approaches, to see a global picture of software development. In my talks, I am using animated HTML5 presentations to get more attention form auditory and make the material much more clear and visualized.

I've started my public speaking expirience at 2008 and until now participated as a speaker in dozens of conferences including JEEConf, UAWeb, Google DevFest, BuildStuff and help to organize some of them.

Skillset Strong: JavaScript (ES6/TypeScript), .NET, Go, Java, C++, Dart, shell scripting, HTML, Angular Medium: Perl, Python Weak: Ruby, PHP

Work experience
2019Jan - now Tech Lead/Manager Google

At present, I am part of Google Cloud Platform team at Google and working on various projects of improving Google Cloud Console.

2018Feb - 2018Dec Software Development Engineer Amazon

At part of Alexa Natural Language Understanding (NLU) team at Amazon I was responsible on improving scalability and latency of Amazon Alexa service.

2017Apr - 2017Jul Web Team Leader MyHeritage

At MyHeritage, I was responsible for improving the front-end part of the web application and creating front-end team in Kyiv, Ukraine (hiring, onboarding).

2010Feb - 2017Feb Solution Architect, Head of Ukrainian branch Twinfield

Twinfield is an international web service for online accounting offered by Wolters Kluwer. Twinfield facilitates the collaboration between accountants and entrepreneurs by offering a state-of-the-art cloud application that allows both parties to work on the administration in a smart, simple, secure and connected way. Established in 2001, Twinfield has a strong and growing client base in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium, and the Caribbean, that all use bookkeeping software on a daily bases.

Initially, as Regional Director, I was responsible for managing Ukrainian developers, guiding and controlling the development process, shaping requirements.

Later, as Software/Solution Architect, I was responsible for making architectural decisions for bringing the Twinfield application into a cloud. Are of responsibility covered both for backend and front-end parts, providing consistent solution covering visual appearance and streamlined development process. Besides it, he was constantly performing hands-on developing by implementing critical and new components, training other developers.

Used technologies: ASP.NET MVC, C#, AngularJS, CQRS/ES, MS SQL, RabbitMQ.

2005Apr - 2009Apr Team leader/Developer DevelopEx

DevelopEx is an outsourcing company, that provides services to worldwide clients. As part of DevelopEx, I participated in such projects:

AuctionFloor - Huge ERP project with multiple modules and complex backend made for auction house who makes live auctions. The system includes such modules as inventory module, payment, accounting, checkout, shipping, live auction software etc. It is integrated with several 3rd party APIs (eBay, USPS, UPS, FedEx, ACH payments, Paypal, CC processing gateways) and has two bidding templates (AJAX and C++) and real-time TCP/IP server software to make live auctions.

Error report - Web-module for help desk system which allows filing help desk and inventory reports to support people.

Web Order - Business management system which allows to automate purchase processes in an enterprise and integrated with 3rd party applications.

Prospero - trending component with complex graphs drawing for 3rd party application.

FlowCharting - charting component to use as DotNetNuke module.

2004Aug - 2005Apr Developer Frontex

At Frontex I was working on Xcelerix: non-relational (entity-relational) in-memory database.

Targeting as ultra-fast information storage, Xcelerix used entity relational schemes to provide determined selection time for data queries, that in standard relation-based database system would require exponential growing time. Also, Xcelerix provided support to as many OS as possible, including Windows, Mac OS, different distributions of Linuxes, HP-UX. Technologies

Main technologies used in development were C++, Perl, and Java.

2004Feb - 2004Aug Developer AMI Ukraine

In "AMI Ukraine" I was working on PersonPro - personnel management system. Enterprise-level Ukrainian fully customizable solution that handles all processes of HR: gathering, storing, publishing information, handling complex queries about personnel, preparing customizable reports, including documents of strict accountability.

Technologies used: Delphi, ODBC

2003Jul - 2004Jan System architect Obex Corp.

I contributed to developing Obex Web application for B2B telemarketing. A distributed system, that allows customers to plan and implement telemarketing process and calculate profits. Used AJAX to accelerate system, minimize risks of concurrent modifications and make the system more user-friendly.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Design Patterns.

2001Jan - 2003May Senior Developer Alitel

In Alitel I was working on VoIP billing system based on Radius server. Started as the first developer of this system, and continued as head developer of a small group of developers. Mastered C++ Unix programming, database management, multi-threaded, and time-sensitive development. Also learned how to manage a group of developers (code review, planning, etc).

Technologies used: C++ (gcc), MySQL, Radius RLM, CGI.

1998May - 2001Jan Developer Lider Ltd.

At Lider LLC, I was working on System for stock-taking for car-selling warehouses. The main purpose of the system was to store information about the stock status and do complex queries on searching product analogs.

Technologies used: MS Access, Delphi, BDE (Paradox).

1997 - 2003 Mathematics, Master of Science NTUU "KPI"

National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyyiv Polytechnic Institute' (NTUU "KPI") is one of the oldest and largest technical universities in Europe. It was founded in 1898. NTUU KPI is famous for its academic excellence and leading innovative research.

During the study in NTUU "KPI", I mastered my knowledge in mathematics and computer science. Gained Master of Science degree in Mathematics (Probability theory)

1987 - 1997 General education Gymnasium #191

Gymnasium "Poklyk" #191 is a school that specializes in teaching foreign languages.

In Gymnasium #191 I got basic education and participated in different competitions for youth, including yearly "olympiads" in mathematics and computer science.

2012 Scrum Master Xebia

During Scrum Master course in Xebia that was held by Jeff Sutherland, one of the inventors of Scrum, I got an advanced understanding of Scrum principles - how it works, what is the purpose, what problems could be and how to solve them.

Certificate obtained: Certified Scrum Master.

2003-2005 Pedagogical practice Kyyiv School #256

During pedagogical practice in School #256, I got experience on how to teach others, how to make others be interested.

Discipline: Computer Science.